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Riley and Gretta Apr 2005
Riley 2 yrs, Gretta 5 yrs old



Rileydog.JPG (80348 bytes)  RileySita.JPG (54438 bytes) Riley October 2002 - 5 months old Riley at 6 Months Riley at 1 year

Born in May 2002, Riley came to live with us in August 2002.
She comes from Humble.  Guess who wanted a lapdog?



Gretta joined us 8/5/00, shown at 8 weeks. Gretta was born 6/7/00.   
 She comes from Superior Shepherds Kennel in Magnolia, Tx.

The latest on Gretta's development

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  5 months            6 months                      1 year                 2 Years                2 1/2 Years



Gretta is a fast learner.  Below are pictures taken the first day she moved in with us...


Lee giving flight lessons - Gretta hurling from air sickness






Gretta shown here during her bird identification practice






 Gretta is already excellent at catching balls







Gretta at point - ready to go after those Quail







Gretta likes to show off her animal impersonations - here a cow







Gretta's last impersonation - yes it's a squirrel



In Memory of Past Pals

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