Valentines Party 2007 Linda Kelly, Lynn Rhodes, Tamra Jorge-Rodney.JPG (30360 bytes)

 BMC Team FY05.JPG (64342 bytes) New Year's Eve '04 Tim, Paul and Craig

 New Year's Eve '04 - Martin and Susie Trouble! Dana Wright and Brett Rhodes 1-1-05

Craig Tim Brett and Vick 1/1/05 Proof that Brett danced with Lynn New Year's eve '04 Christmas 2004 - Dinner at the Marques' - Laura, Rodney, Craig, Tamra, Vic, Tim, Lynn, Brett, Dylan, Jorge, Kim

The Sprint Team Gig 'Em Brett! Elders.JPG (92789 bytes) Angela D'Andrea and family 2003

Christmas Progressive Dinner at Parklake Village  The last gathering in Woodwind Lakes May 2001  Chip and son Kyle at Lake Livingston, Summer 2001

Chip, Craig, and Wade in Chip's natural element  Wade's 11th birthday  Chip, Martyn, Craig, Bob, Jorge, Sean, Rodney  Tim and his washboard abs!

contraclubgroup.JPG (129165 bytes) Tim Bates and Kids 3-2000.   Jack Oertli, a chip of the ol' block - so to speak  Jotham.jpg (16400 bytes) Joe and Scott Segal with Evie

  My wedding day,  Don's dorky leisure suit  Jorge Marquez, Bob Coniceli, Craig, Rodney Bohuslav - Apr 2000 Young Life Tourney  Kyle Klyng sportin' his new duds  Wes Benefield, Michael Beaver, and Chip Klyng - Team Fore!

Don and Jessica cruisin' with the Rodgers (Those feet! He must be proud.)  1997 BMC Christmas Party - Rodney, Laura, Tamra, Craig, Chip and Cindy  Palmer.  'nough said - Mike's last night as a single man... why he spent it with another man I haven't figure out   Paige's troops - all 100%'ers at BMC '97  

     Barcelona version of follow the leader - Tim McGibbon & Vick, Tamra, Kim Marques,Rodney, Laura & Jorge     Martyn Harsley prepares to try on his new Spanish Car in Barcelona      Rodney and Laura Bohuslav with Craig sailing in the Med.  

      Jet-lag manifests itself in Jorge's face - Jorge and Kim Marques      Paige and kiddoes floating on the San Barnard River   Shannon McGibbon Selecting her newest boyfriend

      Prehistoric golf - before we realized how poorly we dressed       Kyle Klyng hangin' out in some cool threads      Cool neighbor- Debbie Dodds         Cool neighbor - Rich Dodds    

  Katie keeps mom, Vick McGibbon safe and happy   Jo Segal working her Indiana territory Brett and Lynn Rhodes celebrating something or the other

Jack Andersen demonstrating the auto timer on his new camera   What Jack's camera can do when properly used Chip & Craig.jpg (79267 bytes) Makes you want to hum the the theme song to Deliverance

Bradley, Roy, and James at Halloween Wesley and Thomas at Wade's Bday Lee and Austin

Wade and his girlfriend Diedra sp? Angela, Al, Allie,Peter,Abby Brett and Craig in Boca Raton, May 2000





Shown on this page: Don Crow, Jessica Crow, Taylor Crow; Rodney Bohuslav, Laura Bohuslav, Craig Rodgers, Tamra Rodgers, Chip Klyng, Cindy Klyng; Mike Palmer; Paige Erickson, Kathy Kent, Rita Chavez, Charlotte Bailey, Tom Butler, Michelle Rodriguez, Van Phelps; Tim McGibbon, Vick McGibbon, Kim Marques, Jorge Marques; Martyn Harsley; Jerry Morgan; Scott Erickson, Reed Erickson; John Moore, Joe DiTomaso, James Shilling; Lance 5-wood Perry, Ralph 'Ru Ru' Haber; John Carpenter, Mike Palmer; Kelley Jotham;  Jo Segal, Evie;  Kaitron McGibbon; Victoria McGibbon; Lynn Rhodes, Brett Rhodes Dylan Rhodes; Jack Andersen; Chip Klyng; Scott Pittney; Shaw, Angela D'Andrea, Sean Calhoun; Kevin Murphy; Bradley Roy; Austin; Thomas; Wesley; Bob Coniceli, Jorge Marques, Rodney Bohuslav

Jack Oertli Chuck,  Goebel, Rhodes, Klyng, Marques, Dodds, Dana Wright, Joyce Wright, Paul Hall, Martyn Harsley, Susie Harsley