Football 2009 !!

Katy Taylor Mustangs
James E. Taylor High School, Katy Texas


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Lee Video Highlights (click below)
Season Highlights 

Team Highlights
Game by Game Highlights and Coach's Report







Football 2008 !!

Katy Taylor Mustangs
James E. Taylor High School, Katy Texas


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Mustang Fight Never Dies !!!

James E. Taylor HS, Katy Texas
Varsity Football Game Highlight Videos:

Game   1: CySprings 
Game   2: Ft. Bend Austin
Game   3: Lamar Terry
Game   4: Baytown - Sterling
Game   5: Baytown - Lee
Game   6: Cinco Ranch
Game   7: Mayde Creek
Game   8: Katy
Game   9: Morton Ranch
Game 10: Seven Lakes
Playoff  1: Memorial
Playoff  2: Lamar
Playoff  3: Pearland

Lee Rodgers 2008 Video Highlights






Football 2007 !!
Katy Taylor Mustangs 

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       Wade (Senior), Craig (Dad) and Lee (Sophmore)                                        

Varsity Football Highlight Reel (QuickTime video)

-2007 Season Kick-off Video !!!   A little motivational music video!

Wade 2007 Highlight Reel  just the Wade in his senior year
Lee     2007 Highlight Reel Lee-Roy learning the ropes on Varsity

Game by Game team Highlights:
- Mustangs vs. Humble Scrimmage Highlights 8/24/07
- Mustangs Vs. Langham Creek game Highlights 8/31/07
- Lee #15 Action Vs. Langham Creek
- Mustangs Vs. Ft. Bend Austin game Highlights   9/06/07
-Mustangs Vs. Cy Falls   9/14/07
-Mustangs Vs. Mayde Creek  Game Highlights     9/29/07
-Mustangs Vs. Katy High   10/6/07
-Mustangs Vs. Alief Taylor Game Highlights  10/12/07
-Mustangs Vs. Hastings Game Highlights    10/20/07
-Mustangs Vs. Morton Ranch Game Highlights      10/26/07
-Mustangs Vs. Cinco Ranch Game Highlights        11/3/07
-Mustangs Vs. Elsik Game Highlights             11/10/07


Football 2006

Season Opening Video

Football season is here.  Click here to see!

The Highlight Reel

JV vs. Langham Creek:  Wade causes fumble

Zach Wright runs back blocked kick

Lee Kickoff Return vs. Mayde Creek

Lee Hits the Fade Route vs. Mayde Creek

Wade gets the sack versus Alief Taylor JV

Wade Makes Plays Both Ways vs. Hastings

Three Reasons Why Hastings Freshmen be Hatin' Lee

Taylor Freshmen Beat Cinco

Taylor Freshmen Seal District Championship with Win Against Elsik

                                2006 Katy Taylor Freshmen "A" District Champs


Football 2005

Lee - 8th Grade McMeans Bobcats 

LeeReyna05.jpg (31597 bytes)  LeRoy gets a little pass defense going
Click to Enlarge these still shots of Lee in action


Lee Video Highlights Below
Lee Picks up some good blocks, and about 90 Yards Vs. BECK

McMeans vs. Beck           McMeans Vs. West Memorial  McMeans vs. West Memorial (again)

Lee's Punt Return for TD QB Boot for 6
McMeans Vs. Mayde Creek       McMeans Vs. Morton Ranch

Wade - Sophomore Katy Taylor Mustangs

TWReyna05.jpg (33199 bytes) Click to Enlarge this picture of Wade putting a hit on Katy's QB


Wade Video Highlights Below
Wade Gets a Pancake Lead Block            His only carry of the year
Katy Taylor Vs. Clear Lake 10th    Vs. Strake - Game Winning Stop!        Nice Carry for TW vs. Mayde Creek

Welcome to Rhodes Stadium - Wade gets it done.




James -  Varsity Katy Taylor Mustangs

James (#44) Celebrating the Victory over Clear Lake  
James (#44) Celebrating the Victory over Clear Lake

James Video Highlights Below

James Makes the Kickoff Tackle vs. Mayde Creek


Football 2004 


Taylor Freshman Mustangs vs. Humble Scrimmage    A Little Motivational Music Video !
2004 Season Kickoff Video  Wade   

                   Click to enlarge the pictures below.....
ReynaPhoto.com made this shot.  Thanks. JamesSophSprint.jpg (307332 bytes) JamesWedgeBuster 091604.jpg (130576 bytes)
Wade 9/2/04     James 9/16/04  James Wedge Busting



Football 2003 !!

Lee - 6th Grade Katy Patriots 
imga0348.jpg (106842 bytes)

Video - Crushing Hit!


Football 2002 !!
  Coach Craig Overlooks his Texans  Dorothy Rodgers with my sentiments exactly  Delton Butler Shares an Exciting Moment with Tamra


James - Freshman - Katy Taylor Mustangs
  Got a boo boo on his thumb.  All is well now though. Yep, he's number 25 James Dropping into Zone Coverage We're going to McDonald's !!! James gets the big sack on Mayde Creek just before half !

Wade - 7th Grade - McMeans Jr. High
Wade's First Touchdown Ever.  He doesn't know what to do. Wade helping a buddy hock up a furball 16 yard Kickoff Return Wade calling the defensive huddle Wade #33 Filling the Hole !

Lee - 5th Grade - Katy Youth Football "Texans"
Lee is #46 on a Lead Block Again, Lee demonstrates the De-Cleater ! Lee Making a Cutback on the outside run Lee Breaking Tackles Lee breaks thru the middle for a 40 yard TD !!!

And "In the beginning..."

2000 Football Season  (click on pictures to enlarge!)

Lee     3rd Grade    footballlee.JPG (32648 bytes)  footballleeteam.JPG (85388 bytes)  footballleeatm.JPG (57750 bytes)

Wade  5th Grade  footballwade.jpg (35162 bytes)  footballwadeteam.JPG (84050 bytes)  footballwadeatm.JPG (60111 bytes)

James 7th Grade footballjames.JPG (34138 bytes)  footballjamesteam.JPG (78912 bytes)  footballjamesatm.JPG (55068 bytes)