Ah, the family PICs


Jackson3mo.jpg (45367 bytes) Lee, James, Wade 2006

Tamra's 42nd Birthday shown with with her boys, Lee, James, Wade Rodgers Family Christmas 2004 
James' with his '93 GMC SLE pickup
Cullen, Carson and Scott Cone with James, Wade and Lee 4/03 Wade, James and Lee (Buried alive by brothers) at Pappaw's House Easter 2003 FamilyThanksgiving2002.JPG (100524 bytes)  

The Butler's Thanksgiving 2002 family2001b.jpg (57814 bytes) family2001.JPG (13997 bytes)

    And this is what came of them...  Dru, Randall, Lea, and Craig    Grandmom Rodgers    Dorothy and Howard Rodgers, The pair that started all of this...  

James, Wade and Lee in the 7th, 5th and 3rd grades cousins2.JPG (173868 bytes)  gmom.JPG (53399 bytes)  Shelby Donovan, November 2000  James,Kelly,Lee,Cullen,Wade,John,Carson,Shelby xmas2000  contratamcraig.jpg (154614 bytes)

           Dad getting ready to get some sugar from Dru   Shelby and Kelly  Kelly and Pat  Lea and Shelby

  Aunt Dru and Uncle Scott at South Padre.  Nice abs Scott!     Kelly and Shelby   Cecil James and Floy Irene Rodgers 50th Anniversary And they say trampoline's aren't safe... Lee shown here johnshelbykelly.JPG (149801 bytes)

Aaron Butler sharing the boat with Pappaw Lee Hangin' 10 with Linda Butler and mom frontporch.JPG (64790 bytes)

hug.JPG (49654 bytes) papaw.JPG (26595 bytes) Cullen Cone and Wade Rodgers Floy Rodgers in Fashion Show 1990

 The Winter Family RodgersThe Summer Family Rodgers '99Delton Butler Retirement Party March 31, 1991Randy and Craig showing off their different hat preferencesbigboatlittlefish.JPG (41431 bytes)

  James, Wade and Lee - all at one month  James, Wade, and Lee -  December 1993



















Shown on this page: Howard Rodgers, Dorothy Rodgers, Craig Rodgers, Tamra Rodgers, James Rodgers, Wade Rodgers, Lee Rodgers, Delton Butler, John Butler, Aaron Butler, Dru Cone, Scott Cone, Lea Donovan, Shelby Donovan, Kelly Donovan, Cecil Rodgers, Floy Rodgers, Randy Rodgers, Peggy Rodgers, John Rodgers, Linda Butler