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Dirt Bikes!

Dirt Bikes - Like these boys needed more stuff to do...

It all began Christmas 2001 - Honda XRs  650,200,100,80  Taking a break in Sam Houston National Forest 
We jumped in Christmas 2001


The new Yamaha YZ's   -  125's and an 85 March 2002 Some people ask "why do you NEED an Excursion?"  duh
3 Months Later we traded Red for Blue (and one Orange)

bikerbunchforest.JPG (142816 bytes) James shows brothers what not to do on the whoops !!
We seem to be multiplying...            and dividing 

In March  2005 we moved Lee up to a '02 YZ125 and Wade  moved on to a  '05 model YZ250F
and James quit riding (you'll see the Jet Ski somewhere)

Wade MX1 4-05.jpg (31301 bytes) Wade MX2 4-05.jpg (60850 bytes) Wade MX3 4-05.jpg (19634 bytes) wade mx4 4-05.jpg (34855 bytes) Wade MX5 4-05.jpg (44481 bytes) 
Wade '05 YZ250F

Lee MX1 4-05.jpg (30243 bytes) Lee MX2 4-05.jpg (61920 bytes) Lee MX3 4-05.jpg (60315 bytes) Lee MX4 4-05.jpg (31333 bytes)
Lee '02 YZ 125 

Craig MX1 4-05.jpg (57185 bytes) Craig MX2 4-05.jpg (50820 bytes) 
Craig  KTM 300EXC

Video Link - Dec 02 290MX track  

In January 2004 we moved Lee up to a '98 YZ125 and Wade and James moved on to '02 model YZ125's

June 2004 Three Palms Extreme Park
Lee125Berm.JPG (34924 bytes) Lee125Fast.jpg (37499 bytes) imga0411.jpg (84656 bytes) Lee looking back at Wade at 290MX Dec 2004
Lee '98 YZ125

Wade125Berm.JPG (55096 bytes) Wade125Double.JPG (44182 bytes) imga0412.jpg (101348 bytes) imga0413.jpg (108700 bytes) imga0419.jpg (119513 bytes) Wade Dec 2004 on the Catapult at 290MX
Wade '02 YZ125

CraigMX Dec2004.JPG (37404 bytes) imga0423.jpg (130852 bytes) imga0422.jpg (131585 bytes) imga0424.jpg (132646 bytes)
Craig '01 KTM 300



Lee on his new YZ85 gettin' some air Lee on his YZ85 doing some hill climbin'  Lee at Highlands Motocross track Lee getting after the whoops at 290MX Lee working on the whip at 290MX
LEE '02 YZ85

Wade on his YZ125 Bustin' a Berm! Wade at 290MX one year after he learned to ride. Wade at Highlands Motocross Track Wade at Highlands Motocross Track wadejump1202.JPG (807576 bytes)
WADE '98 YZ125

James42702-1.JPG (173495 bytes) James42702-2.JPG (178252 bytes) James 'Evil' Rodgers getting Mom worried Currently, James has no fear Jamesberm1202.JPG (996522 bytes)
jctriple.jpg (208170 bytes) jcbigair.jpg (194539 bytes)
JAMES '98 YZ125

Craig's KTM 300 Craig on the KTM 300 trying to keep up with the boys.  Father and Son James Flying in formation Craig Casing a Double  
Craig '01 KTM 300


Lee Takes 4th in class at Zars Ranch Hare Scramble  Wade takes 1st in class at Zars Ranch Hare Scramble Yes, that is cactus on the race course! TCHSSwade3.jpg (53983 bytes)
Pictures from Zars Ranch Hare Scramble - San Antonio March 2002

mxboysontrail.JPG (201938 bytes)  Wade on his Honda XR100 in Sam Houston National Forest  James on his Honda XR200 in Sam Houston National Forest  Lee on his Honda XR80 in Sam Houston National Forest
Riding in Sam Houston National Forest, Near Lake Conroe, Texas  Feb. 2002





Scott, Cullen and Carson Cone 4/03What I spend my track time doing!

Wade, Craig, James and Lee Rodgers at Barnwell Mountain Offroad Park near Gilmer, Texas