CraigBob's REALLY Big Contest

We need help in creating the image of our Web Site mascot.  Only this mascot is a unique and never before photographed animal.  It is called a Bob Jabber.  It is a cross between a Bob Cat and what is believed to be a Jaguar.

Legend has it that this critter actually exists in the woods of North East Texas. In fact, son Wade has seen it!  Well, more like heard it as it chased him through the woods - but that is another story.

Contest rules:  I make them up as I go, but here is a partial list:

  • Contest starts January 3, 2000  (I almost put 1999)

  • Contest ends when I get a good one - I'll let you know

  • email me a copy of your submission to (jpeg /gif)

  • Winner's name will appear on this web site as an acknowledgement

  • Submission grants me the right to publish the image(s) on my web sites

  • I'll give THE winner $20.00 US cash,  upon contest completion (I mean it)

Check out the contest submissions under  Contest Entries