Cancun, Mexico
August 2004

The family cruised on down to Cancun in August 2004 for a little break before 
the school year started.  We stayed at the Ambiance Villa's condos. We toured 
the Tulum Mayan ruins, went snorkeling, played at the Xel Ha preserve,
chartered a boat, and experienced para-sailing.

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CancunCondoBeach.jpg (28679 bytes) CancunCondoBeachEast.JPG (45392 bytes) CancunCondoBeachWest.JPG (51523 bytes) The Condo Beach
CancunTulum1.JPG (31924 bytes)
CancunTulum2.JPG (53634 bytes) Xel Ha
CancunMayanRuins1.JPG (50017 bytes) CancunMayanRuins2.JPG (38079 bytes) Tulum
CancunBoat1.JPG (36271 bytes) CancunBoat2.JPG (29279 bytes) CancunBoat3.JPG (28683 bytes) CancunBoat4.JPG (28528 bytes) Boat Charter
CancunBoat5.JPG (19591 bytes) CancunIsla1.JPG (69472 bytes) CancunIsla2.JPG (41141 bytes) CancunIsla3.JPG (50373 bytes)
CancunMargaritaville1.JPG (50263 bytes) CancunMargaritaville2.JPG (55888 bytes) Margaritaville
CancunParasail1.JPG (30080 bytes) CancunParasail2.JPG (37206 bytes) Parasailing