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GodBlessTheAggies.JPG (52188 bytes) 9/8/07 - Kyle Field, College Station Texas.  Proof God loves the Aggies. Taken by Tamra

SitaVette.JPG (472634 bytes) March 2007, Sita caught in the Vortex of Hotness, goes blonde 

dislocated wrist.jpg (22678 bytes) fixed wrist.jpg (24203 bytes) December 2005.  Craig's wrist before and after - yep, motocross

GrandCanyon.JPG (99129 bytes) I captured this lightning strike on the south rim of the Grand Canyon 7/26/05

whiteXMASKaty04.jpg (32910 bytes) Believe it !!!  Snow in Houston Texas Christmas Eve 2004 (Katy, Tx)

East Tx House.JPG (29332 bytes) The house version of Johnny Cash's Cadillac... in La Rue, Texas.  

Tbird eject.jpg (147080 bytes)
September 2003, Thunderbirds' F16 Pilot ejects 0.8 seconds before impact.

Caitrin illusion.jpg (431411 bytes) 
And Caitrin is singing' "I got the whole world, in my hands..."

A magic moment before Wade's game kickoff '03

Uh Ohh...
  okay, that hurt. 
Entry fee $10. New handle bars $69. New  pipe and silencer $250.  
Learning you are mortal without actually killing yourself - PRICELESS !!

Click on this picture for a PowerPoint presentation of the WTC and Pentagon attacks


A&M USA.jpg (262580 bytes)   The Aggies show their patriotism in this awesome display of the red, white and blue-Kyle Field


Got a little movie for ya Ags


The May 27, 1997 Killer Tornodo Near Jarrell, Texas  Taken from our Front Porch in North West Austin.

How's that insurance policy lookin? Taken by an extremely agitated wife

F16's over Kyle Field before the t.u. game 1999 The missing man formation for the 12 Aggies who died in Bonfire '99

Fact or fiction?

An F-18 passing through the sound barrier. Not only were the water vapor, density and temperature just right, but there just happened to be a camera in the vicinity to capture the moment.



Fly-by.jpg (32536 bytes)

F-14 Tom Cat doing a Tom Cruise.  Real? I don't know.  Cool?  Yes.




USSCole1.jpg (66935 bytes)

 The USS Cole after the terrorist bombing in Yemen




flood.JPG (154527 bytes) The Tropical Storm Allison Flood in Houston. Our front yard (with the For Sale Sign!)


dannycrash.JPG (93735 bytes)  Danny Hardiman crashes off a ski jump in Tyler, Texas